The Guilt of the toss; Somethings are just trash

Green is the new black as they say! Going green and learning to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is essential for our environment. We are constantly looking for new ways to reuse, recycle, and avoid waste in our lives.

 I just ordered reusuable bags especially made for fruits and veggies so I can eliminate another level of plastic in my life(Ecobags are great). I try to limit what comes in the door, although I still have a certain level of packaging waste.

I have seen a whole new level of disorganization due to trying to live a green lifestyle. People are feeling extremely guility over tossing things away.  They are holding onto things that they:

1. Don’t use anymore

2. Don’t work

3. Have missing pieces

People are creating their own mini landfills in their homes. I understand that guilt of dropping something in the trash. I have thought composting, but I don’t know how my neighbors would feel about worms in the basement(they already put up with all my organizing projects).

Here are a few recycling tips that might help lesson the waste:

1. dry cleaners will take their hangers back

2. Tie a knot at the bottle of the plastic bag your clothes come in and use it as a trash bag

3. Reuse bags from food packaging. These can be used for dog or cat waste

4. Recycle. Have a bag or bin in your home

5. Store more informaton on your computer vs printing it all out

6. Don’t bring home the plastic hangers for the store..have the store take your purchases off the hangers

7. Donate things if they are usuable.

8. Purge your electronics each year. All your cords, phones, and misc parts can go to electronic recycle centers (the Goose Island one is Chicago knows me well)

Still have questions?? Here are two websites that can help you out with other items you want to recycle:



So recycle what you can but remember, somethings are just trash!!



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