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Simplify Your Life Week; 10 simple things you can do

This week is national “Simplify your Life” week. With crazy schedules and growing responsibilities, we are all looking for ways to simplify our lives and cut corners. Here are some of my tops tips: 1. Limit the incoming- Limit what comes in your life. Paper, mail, ect.. Get on the do not call list to limit... Read more »

Animal Hoarding; The Lack of Laws and Sad Truth

I took a class in the legal aspects of hoarding. Part of the class was about animal hoarding. I was shocked and sad to learn that only two states have laws dealing with this horrible situation. I also learned that hoarders are responsible for the cause of more suffering, and death among animals then actual... Read more »

Bins of mish mash; don't let it happen to you

With every store jumping on the organizational band wagon, bins are everywhere. There are being purchased for storage, transporting items, and for mish mash. Mish mash are all those miscellanous things that you don’t know what to do with or don’t have time to put away. I have seen homes where they have a bin... Read more »

Want to get organized? The wrong way to go about it!

I have seen success and I have seen failure in the organizing world. There is a lot of fear and self sabatoge when it comes to making organizational changes in one’s life. I like to walk out of my clients homes feeling like a rock star. I like to have a sense of accomplishment in a project well... Read more »

The Paper Problem; Simple Solutions to Get it Under Control

Paper! It breeds like bunnies and takes over our living space. We shred it, hide it and occasionally we file it. But you can’t hide it from the Organizer. I know all the tricks. I will check out all those secret spaces and places you have. I can spy a grocery bag full of paper... Read more »

The Guilt of the toss; Somethings are just trash

Green is the new black as they say! Going green and learning to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is essential for our environment. We are constantly looking for new ways to reuse, recycle, and avoid waste in our lives.  I just ordered reusuable bags especially made for fruits and veggies so I can eliminate another... Read more »

An Organizer in a time crunch; it happens to the best of us

Its t- 48 hours till my mom arrives and my staycation begins. Yes, I am ready for a little shopping and fine dining. Lets not forget the tickets to Ravinia. So you think I would be ready to roll right? Wrong. This is my busy season. I have been blessed with a lot of business... Read more »

Purging after a passing; How to get through it

At one time or another in all our lives, we will have to clean out a home that belonged to a loved one or a friend. It  can be paralyzing to the  loved one that is responsible for the project. I am hearing more stories of people letting houses sit. One lady told told me that... Read more »

Art; Don't put it away-It should be on display

We all love art! Its how we express ourselves. There comes a time when we are over capacity with artwork. Yes, call it art clutter. I am talking about all those pictures and pieces that you have bought. The ones that are stuck in the back of your closet. The one that you thought was so... Read more »

The Cluttered Home; where to begin

When your whole home needs an overhall, where do you begin? Most of the experts say –paper! I agree. Paper management effects everything that we do. The first step is to create a file and archive system. Identify what paper you need to keep in files. Have a labeled hanging file folder for each category.... Read more »