Bins of mish mash; don't let it happen to you

With every store jumping on the organizational band wagon, bins are everywhere. There are being purchased for storage, transporting items, and for mish mash.

Mish mash are all those miscellanous things that you don’t know what to do with or don’t have time to put away. I have seen homes where they have a bin in every room.

In my book, these are enablers and bad bad bad!! I often have to clean out these bins and find homes for things. Some sit for up to years. I have found everything from lost checks to jewelry in them.  Bins should be for storage and storage only. They should have lids on them and be tucked away.

If you are runnning 90 to nothing like most of us, and don’t have time to put everything in its place; at least place it in the appropriate room. Daily maintenance is essential for keeping these put away!!

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