Art; Don't put it away-It should be on display

We all love art! Its how we express ourselves. There comes a time when we are over capacity with artwork. Yes, call it art clutter. I am talking about all those pictures and pieces that you have bought. The ones that are stuck in the back of your closet. The one that you thought was so perfect or would look great in a certain space. Yup, its still waiting to be hung up. And all those posters that were never framed? Are you really gonna take again on those.

Like anything else in life, art can be a form of clutter. If its stored back in the back of a closet and not being utilized. I can’t tell you how many times I have found broken pictures, pieces of artwork ect.

They say don’t waste the pretty and I think we should apply that to artwork as well. If you love it, it should be displayed in your home or office. If it was an impulse purchase, donate it or give it to a friend.

Family artwork is another story. If it was painted by a family member, then offer it to another family member. If its a piece that a family member purchased, then its easier to sell or donate it. If there is any question of value, call an appraiser!

So clear out those closets and fill up your walls!!

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