An Organizer in a time crunch; it happens to the best of us

Its t- 48 hours till my mom arrives and my staycation begins. Yes, I am ready for a little shopping and fine dining. Lets not forget the tickets to Ravinia.

So you think I would be ready to roll right? Wrong. This is my busy season. I have been blessed with a lot of business and other wonderful thingsĀ  coming down the pipeline. I have been living on borrowed time. Every moment of my waking time has been taken.

Yes, it happens to the best of us. I am not complaining. This wonderful inflow of stuff will only help me get that new car sooner!

In order to declutter my mind, I sat down and wrote a list. I wrote down everything I needed to do to be ready for the visit and staycation. Each day, I have been knocking a few things off the list. Now its crunch time.

Unfortunately, you can never acount for things that end up taking up extra time like the strap breaking in your muffler and the cash machine eating your $800 cash deposit. And lets not forget the potential new client that wants a consult now. Okay, you can be accomodated at 7:00am before the two jobs and airport pick up.

I maybe a little tired and worse for the wear, but come hell or high water, my moms favorite blueberry bread will be ready for her when she arrives.

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