What a little coupon cutting did for my June budget

Luv me some coupons. Every since I was a child, I have loved coupons. With the trend being on savings the last few years, they are everywhere. You can even sign up for email coupons. Everytime I order something online, I google for a discount coupon or free shipping.

Here are some additional ways to get coupons and to save moolah!!

1. deal finds from the tribune delivered on the weekend (they have coupons)

2. the Krazy Coupon Lady website- great for grocery coupons

3. Sites such as couponcabin.com or retailmenot.com

4. Signing up for retail store newslettter. Ann Taylor Loft is always sending out coupons.

Here are my savings in June:

1. Recycled my Mac items..got a free lipstick $14.50

2. Target  $1.15

3. Dominicks $3.77

4. Frappe at McDonalds $1.00 (yes they have even started doing coupons)

5. Bare Necessities $36.60 (20% off coupon online)

6. Target $22.25

7. Target $25.28

8. Crate and Barrel $200 (opened credit card for purchase and get 10% off plus 20$ in credit for every 200 spent!!)

9. Kohls $8.80 used coupon to buy slippers that were on sale

10. Carsons $21.44 used coupon to buy watch

11. Carsons $23 used coupon to bu gift for a friend.

So this month I saved $354.79 on purchases.  Not bad. A little couponing can go a long way!! How much did you save??

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