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Purging; Its not about getting rid of all your stuff but defining your life and what you need

Most people have delusional thoughts that purging means getting rid of everything they own and becoming a minimalist. Not so says the organizer!! Purging is about defining your life and deciding what you need in it! Everyone decides to declutter for a different reason. Sometimes it can be a major life transition that triggers the... Read more »

Good packing makes all the difference in your move! Pack it right!!

In the last month  I have worked on five different moves. Proper packing makes all the difference. I have seen the good and I have seen the bad. As with organizing, you want to pack like with like. I worked on a huge move two weeks ago in which every thing was thrown in boxes. There was... Read more »

Where to store it! Finding the proper storage areas for your stuff!

I spend alot of time relocating things in clients homes. When people run out of space, they tend to shove things anywhere they will fit. My rule of thumb is put like with like. I know that you have to be extra creative with the “small city” space that most of us have. Its important... Read more »

To Have Or Not To Have; The Junk Drawer

Do you know why your junk drawer is full? Its because you never use half of the stuff you have in it!  When organizing kitchens, I always find that one drawer. Yesterday I found two of them filled to the rim! About 80% of the contents belonged in other places or were not needed in... Read more »

The Best Piece of Time Management Advice I Have Been Given

I have read a multitude of time management books. The best piece of advice I have actually been given was from my brother in law. Yes this nice quiet boy  that chose to join the crazy Kelly clan. One day he simply asked “Why do all the Kelly women feel the need to run all... Read more »

From Corporate Gal to Entrepreneur; Eight years ago I made the switch and lived to tell about it

I remember it like it was yesterday. The positive happy gal started to become unhappy. I am a great sleeper but started having restless nights. I had a boss who didn’t like me(partly because I was so organized and female). I had been in sales for over 10 years and was hitting the wall! Burned... Read more »