Build Outs Should Make it Better; take care when you design your closet

I love my built out closet. I designed it for the closet designer. It was probably the easiest job he ever had. I evaluated my clothes and shoes(the little that I have..not a shoe gal)and created a space to fit my needs.

Many times I see beautiful build out jobs that fit the space but not the clients needs. Its so important to evaluate what you have. You would be amazed how many times people don’t leave a space for their shoes. Yes, the most prized possession in the closet doesn’t get any respect! Sad but true!

So here are the categories to think about when designing your space:

1. Shoes..shoe shelves or racks work

2. Long hang..formal dresses, skirts

3. Short hang..pants, jackets, shirts,

4. Folding items..jeans, shorts, t shirts, sweaters, hoodies,

5. Jewelry..drawers or open shelving

6. many and what size?

If you have a dresser in your bedroom, avoid putting drawers in your closet. Remember the closet should reflect you and your wardrobe!


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