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Maxed Out on Space; A Few Alternatives for your Home

Sometimes there is no solution. A space is just plain maxed out. I walked through such a home the other day. I could only come up with three solutions since the client didn’t want to purge(and I am an organizer). Here are a few ideas to help you de-max your space. 1. PURGE..Yes I said... Read more »

Deal Sites; A Small Business Owners Thoughts

I have admitted that I am a coupon freak. There is nothing I love better than saving some cash. When Groupon first came about I had to give them a call. At that time they only had a database of about 30,00o people. The sales rep told me that he didn’t feel people would be... Read more »

Creating Storage in the Studio Apartment; It Can Be Done

Whether you are starting out, going through a transition, or on a budget, you might find yourself living in a studio apartment. One room for bedroom, kitchen, and the living room can be cozy but tough on the storage. Its essential and important for not only your sanity but for your stuff to use all your space. Some... Read more »

What a little coupon cutting did for my June budget

Luv me some coupons. Every since I was a child, I have loved coupons. With the trend being on savings the last few years, they are everywhere. You can even sign up for email coupons. Everytime I order something online, I google for a discount coupon or free shipping. Here are some additional ways to... Read more »

Containerize your Stuff; Make it Uniform and Stackable

Yesterday I felt like I was playing Jenga in a clients storage space. There are about 4 different types of bins, a multitude of boxes, and lots of random bags. In the end everything fit but it wasn’t pretty. I feel more space could have been made if the storage containers were uniform. Its totally... Read more »

Bag It, an Oscar worthy film in my opinion

Yesterday I watched the documentary called Bag It. Jeb Berrier doesn an amazing job of explaining how the environment and peoples health is affected by plastic bags. The movie was not only interesting, but done in laymans terms so anyone could watch it and learn something. I work in an industry that deals with alot of waste. Whether is plastic bags... Read more »

Property values down, thinking of foreclosing; think of your neighbors

When I bought my condo two years ago, the neighbors were upset that I paid only $165,000. It was orginally on the market for $199,000. The previous owner had not done any upgrades and the paint( think bright orange kitchen) was pretty darn tragic in my book.  It had been on the market for one year. I was very... Read more »

Build Outs Should Make it Better; take care when you design your closet

I love my built out closet. I designed it for the closet designer. It was probably the easiest job he ever had. I evaluated my clothes and shoes(the little that I have..not a shoe gal)and created a space to fit my needs. Many times I see beautiful build out jobs that fit the space but... Read more »

Relocation; Don't leave the room with empty hands

A very large part of organizing is relocating items. Items that get taken out and need to be put away. Things that end up in the incorrect space or room. Even though I practice the “OHIO” method (only handle it once), I still have to relocate items at times. Take for instance, groceries, most people... Read more »

Car organization; Why because its an extension of your home and office

Yes people have paid me to organize their cars. The car is the extension of your home and office. Many of us spend up to two plus hours a day in the car commuting to and from work. Others spend all day in and out of their car in a sales territory (this used to... Read more »