The Month of May; Revise your Work Day Schedule

Just when I thought I knew about all the holidays; May is revise your work day schedule. So what can you do to advise your work day? How can you be more productive and add to the many functions?

As a business owner, I know this all too well. My most productive hours are between 6 and 8 am. I am able to catch up on all my emails, writing, and research. Its just me and a very large glass of chai tea! My goal is to get as much off my plate as possible, I never know what the rest of the day will bring.

In between clients, you will often find me working out of my car. Yes, my front seat doubles as a little office. Several clients have noticed me outside their home before start time. I am usually whipping out the emails or taking a few calls.

Back at my home office in the late afternoon, I go for round three of the calls or paperwork. Somedays its more than others. Before I end my day, I make a goal list of what I would like to get done each day.

There are things I have control of and things I don’t. I spend alot of time following up with clients, leads, and business partners. It is what it is and I am thankful to receive so many inquiries about my business.

So what can you do to make your day more productive?

1. Clean off your desk..make files not piles. The average worker wastes 2 hours per day rehandling and looking for things.

2. Make a plan. Prioritize!

3. Keep a good to do list!

4. Take Action!


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