Reuse, Repurose; Organizing with what you have!!

Its no secret that my goal is to have the six flat I live in organized. My last project is the garage(I don’t even have a spot in it)! I know, its dam shameful. Since the eviction, 90% of the items have left the building. We agreed to move all the yard tools out of the basement and into the garage. I was able to use the exisiting shelves to store the flower pots. With a closer look, I discovered industrial nails in the brick. They worked perfectly to hang our shovels. Sometimes all it takes is a look around to find what you need!

Last week I was oraganizing a furniture shop. Before becoming a furniture shop it was a candy store. There were alot of abandoned plastic candy containers in the basement. A few minutes later, they were labeled and now store misc tools for my client.

Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive! Explore your stuff!!

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