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Mothers Day Gifts; Don't add clutter to the house

Mothers day is coming up. Mama Kelly got a mani and pedi courtesy of her darling daughter. No more candles, picture frames ect..My momma has a pretty full house. After her illness last year, all those wonderful friends of hers filled if up even more. So before you give your mother another frame(that will end... Read more »

Anatomy of an Eviction; Part Two

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog detailing my neighbors eviction. I am still traumatized by having to watch it unfold.  I have been beating myself up over not demanding that he open the door and let me pack before the sheriff arrived. I am sick over the fact that there was alot of damage... Read more »

How would you like to have an organizer as a neighbor??

I remember it like it was yesterday, standing outside my future home just gazing at the building. The condo president walked up to me and I introduced myself. His first words “We take care of this building and keep it clean.” I just flashed him my card and said, I think I will fit in.... Read more »

Have a spouse or family member that is a clutterer? Support them, dont yell at them!!

I know first hand how its a challenge to have someone in your life that is a clutterer. I seem to attract cluttered men, have relatives that have very full homes ect… For the organized person this can be a nightmare. Trying to function in a space that is not functional. In accordance with human... Read more »

The One Person This Organizer Could Not Help!

Last week I waved the white flag. I have never given up on anyone or anything in my life. After twenty years, I realized that I can’t help my BFF. Over the course of our friendship, I have organized her home on multiple occasions,  tried to help her budget her money, and worked with her... Read more »

Are you a Shopaholic? Have we got a test for you!!

This week I took a teleclass by April Lane Benson given by the Institute of Challenging Disorganization on the subject of shopaholics. Aftwards, I pulled the assessment off her website As a professional organizer, I deal with alot of clients that have shopping issues. We all have different reasons for turning to retail therapy.... Read more »

Live in Chicago? Have a little princess? You need to know about Ace Trading!

Many moons back someone told me about one of the best secrets in Chicago…the shopping strip between Wilson/Clark and Sunnyside/Clark. This is a great place for all sorts of stuff including purses, scarves, and earrings. Recently, I took one of my friends there and she is now a convert! It has become my go to place... Read more »

Temporary Move; Scale down your stuff

Today I helped a client move into a temporary place while her home is being renovated. Its very tiny. Despite giving her alot of  of good prep suggestions, its still pretty crowded with stuff.  A temporary home is just that; temporary. Its main purpose is to provide you with shelter until you can go back... Read more »