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Closet Full?? How to create extra space!!

I still remember my big closets in Dallas. Like they say  “Everything is bigger in the Lone Star State.” I had a huge walk in closet, lots of bathroom storage, and a pantry! Boy was life grand. Then I moved to Chicago. Learning to make due with a smaller closet is a gals worst nightmare!... Read more »

Dream New Dreams, The amazing book by Jai Pausch that made me realize I owe my Dad a huge apology

I am a huge Randy Pausch fan. His book The Last Lecture was life changing to so many people including myself. It really made me think about my life and my goals. When I saw that his widow Jai, had written a book, I knew I had to read it. Jai’s book, Dream New Dreams... Read more »

Stuck in this Condo

Five years ago you could sell a condo in a week. Boy have times changed. Most of us are finding that we are “Stuck in this Condo.”  When the appraisal came back for my neighbors unit, we all hung our heads low! Having a foreclosure in the building for three years, really did us in.... Read more »

Home Ownership and the Single Gal;Not waving the white flag!

Two years ago my parents decided that I needed to grow up and buy a place. Honestly, do you know your daughter? I am the one that calls the maintenance man to hook up the vcr. Sad but true. Three months and two realtors later, I found the mecca. Well actually, I found it pretty... Read more »

Time Management; Take it off the to do list and schedule those tasks!

I took a teleclass last night from Harold Taylor, time management guru. As a time management specialist myself, I am always looking to learn new ways to help my clients make the most of their time. One  important time management skill that I practice, was also a topic of the class. While “to do” lists are great, its... Read more »

Nato Summit is taking me back to the Gothenburg EU Summit

In 2001 I planned a trip to Sweden with some girlfriends. Little did we know when we planned our vacation that it would be right after the EU Summit in Gothenburg. I remember pulling up to a cute little town, then seeing the destruction. It was heartbreaking. Sweden is one of those places that a... Read more »

Maintain your memories; keep them contained

We all have a past. Some of us have a bigger one than others. Due to the divorce rate and people getting married later in life, everyone comes into a relationship with a past of some sort. In this past, there are vacations, relationships, and friendships. These are precious memories that should always live in ... Read more »

Rebuilding Exchange; You don't respond or want my stuff??

I am always looking for new referral sources for my clients. I was beyond thrilled when I heard about the rebuilding exchange. We have some stuff we are getting rid of in the basement and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try them out.  I like to try out places before I put... Read more »

Reuse, Repurose; Organizing with what you have!!

Its no secret that my goal is to have the six flat I live in organized. My last project is the garage(I don’t even have a spot in it)! I know, its dam shameful. Since the eviction, 90% of the items have left the building. We agreed to move all the yard tools out of... Read more »

The Month of May; Revise your Work Day Schedule

Just when I thought I knew about all the holidays; May is revise your work day schedule. So what can you do to advise your work day? How can you be more productive and add to the many functions? As a business owner, I know this all too well. My most productive hours are between... Read more »