Nato Summit is taking me back to the Gothenburg EU Summit

In 2001 I planned a trip to Sweden with some girlfriends. Little did we know when we planned our vacation that it would be right after the EU Summit in Gothenburg. I remember pulling up to a cute little town, then seeing the destruction. It was heartbreaking.

Sweden is one of those places that a chick like me(an organizer) could starve. Its just that clean. One piece of paper on the street would be an eye sore!

As we walked down the street, we were amazed at all the broken glass. Most of the cafes were covered with with and closed. It lookeded like someone had just gone down the main strip and broken every window. Even the glass phone booths and the bus stops were shattered. After walking for what seemed forever, we found a place to eat. 

I am thankful that Chicago doesn’t have as much glass. I am concerned about the protesting. I would have to see destruction in Chi Town!!

Next up, how to get to work on Saturday!!

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