Maintain your memories; keep them contained

We all have a past. Some of us have a bigger one than others. Due to the divorce rate and people getting married later in life, everyone comes into a relationship with a past of some sort.

In this past, there are vacations, relationships, and friendships. These are precious memories that should always live in  your heart and your head.

In order to not upset your new partner, you must keep your special memories contained. Don’t let them float around in  your stuff. I have seen some pretty intense times when a partner finds a past love letter or a picture. It aint pretty!!

So have a box or two for your special memories. Pictures are stored better when they are in photo albums(acid free). Keep them in a closet or storage area. Its okay to spent some time once in a while looking at these special moments, but don’t wave them in front of  your partners face!

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