Home Ownership and the Single Gal;Not waving the white flag!

Two years ago my parents decided that I needed to grow up and buy a place. Honestly, do you know your daughter? I am the one that calls the maintenance man to hook up the vcr. Sad but true.

Three months and two realtors later, I found the mecca. Well actually, I found it pretty quick but realtor number one kept forgetting to show it to me(that is another story all together). It was a cute two bedroom walk up in Lincoln Square. Home Sweet Home.

So let the fun begin. I had to wait a week to have my closet installed. During that time I brought over car loads and started to unpack. Traumatized by the colors on the walls, I became buddies with the guys at Tybony! The bright orange kitchen was the first to go. Replaced by a soothing green, its now an calm and relaxing place.

About a week after I moved in, the paint started peeling off the molding in the office. I went back to the paint store and got a scraper. In hindsight, I should have bought a sander. And so became the project of scraping all the paint off the molding and repainting.

In the next 2 months I turned into the painting queen. I painted the kitchen, living room, office, master bedroom and inside of one closet. I also painted the molding and bedroom doors. I think the previous owners let their kid ride run his toys into the doors, they all had scrapes. Also lets not forget about the kitchen cabinets. They went from maple to a bright white color. And the radiators went from a brown color to a shade of white.

The only tools I am good with are the hammer and screwdriver. I took down the ugly mirror medicine cabinet and replaced it with a plain oval mirror. I also had a handy man change out the track lighting and put in a simple light fixture in the kitchen( I took down the old track lighting). I also had a new fixture put in the bathroom.

The handyman noticed the paint bubbling in the corner of the office. Great!! So after the buidling did some tuckpointing the leak was fixed. I was off to home depot with pictures to access the problem.

I realized earlier on, that I can’t talk tools! I don’t know the lingo of parts and home problems. I use my camera to do the talking. I showed up with pictures and was told to get some spackle and a spreader. Yes I patched my own ceiling.

Then onto the sink. When I bought the place, I noticed the hot water side of the sink was leaking. The previous owners refused to fix it. Come on..$8 dollars isn’t gonna break you!! I went to home depot with my pictures. The guy told me that I had to bring in the stem to match it! Great. I turned off the water in the faucets but didn’t know I had to turn it off underneath the sink. I am sure you can get the picture!! It wasn’t pretty! I came home and installed my new stem! No more leaks or so I thought.

A few weeks later, my Mom discovered underneath my sink was wet! Really! Out came the camera and back to home depot. The man told me to get some putty and reputty the sink. He even walked me over to a model of a sink and showed me what to do. The putty only cost a $1. Wow! I was rocking!!

Next came a new toilet seat, then a new timing mechanism for the washing machine. Yes I took my washer apart to fix it! It was one part that you just popped in! Success!!!

This once tool challenged chickie is now the proud owner of a tool box! I do all my maintenance and have gotten quite good at it!

Next up, sewing pillows  for the couch. A project that is definately more my speed!

Happy Homemaking!!




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