Closet Full?? How to create extra space!!

I still remember my big closets in Dallas. Like they say  “Everything is bigger in the Lone Star State.” I had a huge walk in closet, lots of bathroom storage, and a pantry! Boy was life grand. Then I moved to Chicago.

Learning to make due with a smaller closet is a gals worst nightmare! It takes a lot of creativity to make it work. I face these issues everyday with my clients. Here are some of my favorite tips to help you make space in your closet:

1. Use all your space. Yes that is right. If you are a shorty like me, keep a stepstool in your closet.

2. If you have the one shelf, one rod closet, use stacking shelves to use the wasted space above. Jeans, purses, and sweaters all work  with these shelves.

3. Keep only the current season in your closet. Bin up the rest of the clothes. That goes for costumes as well.

4.Use huggable hangers(the small velvet ones). They help you create space.

5. Fold what you can and put on shelves. Jeans, sweaters, tanks, and khakis can all be folded and stored on a shelf.

6. Make your dresser work for you. Categorize and put like with like.

7. Color code your closet. Start with dark colors and go to light colors.

8. Make space for your shoes. Find an appropriate shoe rack that fits your needs. This will depend on your space.  Again, if your space is small, bin up your offseason shoes. If you have a hall closet, that is where you should store your snow boots. Keep your dressy(less worn) shoes up on a shelf.

9. Keep your smaller purses in a basket.

10. Install hooks on the wall for your belts and necklaces.

So there you have it. A small closet isn’t ideal, but its workable.

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