Plastic bags are a big issue; ban them!!

I thought I was dreaming Sunday morning when I opened up the paper and read the article “Don’t take away our plastic bags.” I totally agree with the writer that there are bigger fish to fry in Illinois but plastic bags are a huge issue!

Each week, I see hundreds if not thousands of these bags. A lot of my clients have bags of bags. I had one client that had saved bags for years thinking she would need them. Over the course of 8 years in organizing, I have seen a multitude of these bags get tossed. It breaks my heart.

 I can’t begin to how many times I have loaded up my car and donated them at the Target.  Most of the grocery stores now have donation area for bags as well. I also have taken bags of dry cleaning hangers back to the cleaners. I encourage clients to take the plastic from the dry cleaners, tie a knot in the bottom and use as a trash bag. I do this. Its great for the kitchen trash.

It amazes me how many people that recycle still bring these bags in their home. Once in a blue moon, one sneaks in my house.  Usually its from target and they wrap a package of meat in it. I reuse the bag when I clean the littler box.

So how can we start eliminating these bags from our lives.

1. Get resuable bags. Most of them are only .99. My favorites are from TJ Max. They are a good size and have handles long enough for you to car on your shoulders. Trader Joes also sells bags. Their insulated bags don’t hold up very well. Both of mine ripped within a year!

2. If you drive to the grocery, keep these bags in your trunk. The biggest problem I have encountered is people forgetting them. If you walk to the grocery store, keep them in your hall closet or mudroom. If you use a grocery cart, keep them inside it. Make it simple for yourself.

3. I also use fold up canvas bags. I keep one in my purse and one in my work bag. They are great for small to medium purchases.

I encourage you to go around your home and gather up these bags for donation. I find that most people save them but rarely use them. If you have dogs or cats, they can be used for waste. Also you can funnel then out of your house by using them for trash.

That large space in your pantry that they are taking up can be better used!



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  • Of course, if you use reusable bags for carrying food back home from the grocery store, you are carrying a bacteria farm inside those bags... there's that.

  • I have finally made it a habit to keep a mountain of canvas bags in my car. However, when my Peapod food is delivered it all comes in plastic bags, so at the moment I'm - ... crocheting with them! It's an experiment and is working quite well. I'm making a large, strong shopping bag and if I ever get it finished I may post about it!

  • The folly of good intentions. The road to plastic hell is paved with them.

    Plastic bags were introduced to save the forests, even though paper bags came from tree farms.

    Now we are to carry food home in bacteria-laden canvas bags?

    And we are to use the earths LIMITED resources and irrigated water to grow the cotton to make the canvas? No doubt the cotton will be grown overseas and the bags manufactured there by slave labor as well.

    How about banning the banners?

    PS, instead of using a fossil fuel consuming service like Peapod, why not walk to the market and walk back, with your bag of choice? Choice being the operative word, but walking as an important word, too.

  • I actually put my canvas and resuable plastic bags in the washing machine to keep them clean!

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