Paper Management; Let it Flow!

Did you know the average worker wastes up to two hours a day handling and rehandling paper. I believe it. In the last 8 years I have organized a multitude offices. I find alot of people have piles vs files. Its not uncommon for them to do the “sift”. Yup, I am talking about going through one pile after another to they find that much needed item.

Tomorrow I am speaking at a conferance for Record Managers. I have been asked to give them some tips for have to be more efficient and cut down the amount of times they touch a piece of paper. Here are a few of my tips to share with you.

1. Make files not piles. Paper should have a place to go

2. Have action item files. Its okay to have a holding tank if you don’t have time to process it.

3. Batch your tasks…Do like tasks at the same time.

4. Watch out for multitasking…Too much attempted multi-tasking ends up wasting time

5. Have things clearly labeled so you can find them. Yesterday I was working with a client and insisted on relabeling her files. She was amazed at the difference it made.

So get rid of those piles!

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