One regretful purge by the organizer

There is only one thing I have purged that I wish I had back. It was a simple 5 page letter written by a sixteen year old boy that was madly in love with me. To this date, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever read. Just theĀ emotion of a young man who felt he found his soulmate.

Fast forward a few months later, he moved. I dont know why but he never gave me his address or said good bye. He came back that summer but alas I was in Connecticut visiting family (1.5 hours away from where he had moved).

Wherever I was, I kept that letter close to me. Anytime I needed a pick up, I read it. I knew that there was someone out there that truly loved me.

So many times over the years our paths should have crossed, but they didn’t. It was beyond creepy to a point. I guess the universe wasn’t ready for us!

Eight years ago I ended a very serious relationship that was heading for marriage. I didn’t feel he was in an emotional state to be a good partner to me. On that very night I went home and tore up all my old letters in frenzied feng shui state. So I let go of the “letter.”

Fate brought us back together and I confessed my crime. I begged for another letter. He laughed and said now I had the real thing, I didn’t need it.

A short time later he passed away.

Somethings in life aren’t replaceable!

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