National Prescription Take Back Day on April 28th; clean out those medicine cabinets!

If you don’t know what to do with your unused or old prescription drugs, here is your answer. The DEA is sponsoring a National Prescription take back day on April 28th. On this day from 10 am to 2pm you will be able to bring in your drugs to locations all over the country. Last year they collected 200 tons of expired or unused drugs.

This initiatve is to help make our homes safe and good for the environment. They are many cases each year in which kids/adults take medicine that they should not have taken resulting in illness or death.

From an environmental aspect, you should never flush your drugs down the toilet. This puts them in the water system. Yes there are some people that could benefit from some happiness pills, but its not healthy. The proper disposal of drugs is the mash them up( a potato masher works great) and mix them in with coffee grounds or cat litter.

To find out the nearest location to you, call 800 882 9539. Clean out those medicine cabinets!


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