Family Clutter; when your family tries to fill up your home

I was enjoying a rare quiet Saturday night at home when I happened to check my email. My mom emailed that she felt the daisy quilt her friend made before I was born,  that would look nice in my living room. No! No!  This is a big girl home and no kiddy stuff allowed! She also had a small childs rocking chair for me! Help!!

The guilt of the family stuff. I see if time and again. Many people are guilted into taking their families possessions because that is the only way they can be released. I have seen attics, basements, and corners of rooms filled with these unwanted things. Sometimes when a family member passes, whoever is cleaning out the home doesn’t see the item but the family member. I have seen many cases in which a parents home is combined into the childs home. After the grief process , then they are able to make decisions.

A few months ago, I received a box from my Aunt. I guess that she felt I needed shot glasses with stems, a set of glasses with a “K” on them and a few other random things! Not! Hey Auntie, do you know your niece is an organizer??

So look at the item, not who is belonged to before you choose to take it. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does it have special meaning to me?

2. Can I use this?

3. Do I like it and want it?

4. Is it a family heirloom?

If your family member can’t release items without giving them to a friend or family member, just take it. Alot of people I know will take the items then donate them.

I have never like the daisy quilt. It sat in the corner of my chidhood bedroom on the rocking chair. It doesn’t have a special meaning or memory to me. Sometimes  you just have to let go!! I am sure that therre is another little girl that would be happy to have the daisy quilt and rocking  chair in her room.

Ps: Who wants to email my Mom!!!



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  • I guess that's why there is Goodwill.

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