Bargain Clutter; is it taking over your home?

Yesterday in between giving speeches, I was chatting with one of the ladies at the event. She complimented my dress. I told her I got it on clearance for $15. Then she told me about her $7 sweater.  We started chatting about our love for coupons and recent purchases.

Yes, America has gone deal crazy. You see coupons and deals everywhere. I have even done a few for my business. Retailers are always sending out coupons via email. That 15 to 30% off really makes a difference.

The downside of this new trend is bargain clutter. While alot of people are able to save  money on things they need, others are overstocking or hoarding items.

Here are a few tips to help you decide if its really a bargain:

1. Do you need or use it?

2. If its perishable don’t overbuy it.

3. Are you purely buying it for the sale price?

4. What is its purpose in your life?

5. Do you have the space for it?

So go ahead and use those coupons!


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  • Someone I mentioned before was a demonstrator, but would not throw out any of the leftovers. She would use some as gifts (i.e. Energizer Bunny dolls), but when I suggested giving the rest to a food pantry or the like, No.

    I would ask her, "doesn't the Jewel have a dumpster in back?"

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