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Family Clutter; when your family tries to fill up your home

I was enjoying a rare quiet Saturday night at home when I happened to check my email. My mom emailed that she felt the daisy quilt her friend made before I was born,  that would look nice in my living room. No! No!  This is a big girl home and no kiddy stuff allowed! She... Read more »

Bargain Clutter; is it taking over your home?

Yesterday in between giving speeches, I was chatting with one of the ladies at the event. She complimented my dress. I told her I got it on clearance for $15. Then she told me about her $7 sweater.  We started chatting about our love for coupons and recent purchases. Yes, America has gone deal crazy.... Read more »

Anatomy of an Eviction

Yesterday the neighbors that live above me were evicted. It was a long time coming and very sad for all. One of my neighbors called me and told me that she saw a strange man in the building who was casing the place out.  It turned out he was waiting for the sheriff to arrive.... Read more »

National Prescription Take Back Day on April 28th; clean out those medicine cabinets!

If you don’t know what to do with your unused or old prescription drugs, here is your answer. The DEA is sponsoring a National Prescription take back day on April 28th. On this day from 10 am to 2pm you will be able to bring in your drugs to locations all over the country. Last... Read more »

Yelp and the small business owner; friend or foe

Luv me some Yelp. This site has been amazing for my business. I am very thankful to my wonderful clients that have given me glowing reviews. As Yelp grows, more and more people are looking to it for the services that they need. I also use Yelp to find services that I need. I was... Read more »

Break up; splittin up the homestead

Yes it happens quite a bit these days. A relationship ends and people go their separate ways. The house is up for sale and so is someone’s heart! In the past eight years, I have done alot of these types of jobs. Its sensitive and quite tough at times. Besides dealing with the end of... Read more »

One regretful purge by the organizer

There is only one thing I have purged that I wish I had back. It was a simple 5 page letter written by a sixteen year old boy that was madly in love with me. To this date, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever read. Just the emotion of a young man who... Read more »

Bountiful Bartering; Business Owners Its a Win Win

I was at a event about five years ago when a friend told me about a barter group she had joined.  I figured it might be a good idea to check it out. I was immediately sold. I could do work for barter points. I could use these points to do all sorts of things... Read more »

Paper Management; Let it Flow!

Did you know the average worker wastes up to two hours a day handling and rehandling paper. I believe it. In the last 8 years I have organized a multitude offices. I find alot of people have piles vs files. Its not uncommon for them to do the “sift”. Yup, I am talking about going... Read more »

Plastic bags are a big issue; ban them!!

I thought I was dreaming Sunday morning when I opened up the paper and read the article “Don’t take away our plastic bags.” I totally agree with the writer that there are bigger fish to fry in Illinois but plastic bags are a huge issue! Each week, I see hundreds if not thousands of these bags. A lot... Read more »