Shameful But True; I Was More Organized Before I Became an Organizer

Yes its true, I was more organized before I became a professional organizer. I can’t lie. I had everything in my life down to a controlled science. I had a grocery day, errand day, and even a car wash time. Call me a freak if you want!

Then I started my business. At first it was tough for this “Type A” chick to adapt. My schedule was constantly changing. I don’t have a regular schedule and am often called or texted at the last minute. I thank god for my garmin that faithfully directs me around the Chicagoland area.

So there went my perfectly little controlled life. No longer do I have the set times where I grocery or wash the erin mobile! In my free pockets of time, I rally and just get things done!

Everyday has become a new adventure and I have learned to roll with it!!

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