Professional Organizer Or Interior Decorator; Who Do You Really Need!!

I was working with a client today and she stated that she should have hired a decorator. In hindsight, I am going to agree with her. She was looking to create more space in her condo. All of the closets where maxed out. We only found two boxes that could be moved to storage to create a small amount of space. Any new space would need to be created by adding furniture or a creative built in. She stated that she had already explored that route a little bit.

So in the case above, there was very little I could do or bring to the table. The only solutions would require major purchases of furniture or building in cabinets or shelving.

With two very creative industries that overlap, its important to know who is right for your projects!

When you should hire a professional organizer:

1. You have clutter that needs to be gone through

2. You need to set up your closets or cabinets

3. You need to design a closet

4. A filing system needs to be set up

When you should hire a decorator:

1. To transform your space with paint, furniture, and accessories

2. To stage or space plan your home

If you are trying to decorate and organize, who should come first?? That is an easy one…THE ORGANIZER!!  In the past eight years, I have worked hand and hand with many decorators. I have gone into the home first, not to organize but to purge. An interior decorator will be much more efficient when they are able to get a clear view of your home minus the clutter. In some instances, I have even staged the accessories that the client wants the decorator to incorporate into the room.

Part two entails the decorator coming in and working their magic. Transforming your home into a something amazing. After the decorating is done, if needed, the organizer comes back to help put things away. This is the case when a kitchen is redone or new closets are built out.

So hand in hand, an interior decorator and a professional organizer can help transform your home!!

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