First Comes Love,Then Marriage: City Life in a Two Bedroom Condo That Won't Fit Your Baby Carriage!

City life. How we love it. For alot of city couples life starts out in a two bedroom condo. For awhile, it seems cozy. Then comes the bambino!  You suddenly find your once quaint condo filled up with baby gear!! 

Gone is the extra bedroom/office. The living room now doubles as a playroom, and your kitchen is overrunneth with baby bottles and formula!

This is one of my more typical organizing challenges. So here are a few helpful hints to survive in your condo:

1. STREAMLINE: Have only what you need in your condo. Remove memory items, extra bedding, ect. If you have parents in the area with a big basement you are in luck!

2. BUILDING STORAGE: Make sure all your bins stack to maximize space in your storage. Clear out any old items.

3. USE ALL YOUR VERTICAL SPACE: I have personally designed builtins for clients for around the fireplace or in the living room.

4. KITCHEN: Clear out a space for baby items and food. You will need atleast two shelves.

5. BOOKCASES/CABINETS: If you have extra wall space, consider a bookcase or cabinet for extra storage.

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