Child On The Spectrum; Paper Management Is A Must

In a world trying to go paperless, there are just some areas where paper is a must. When you have a child on the spectrum, as Jenny McCarthy states you have to become a “MOM WARRIOR.”

From the time your child is diagnosed, and enters early intervention, the paper starts to accumulate.

I have spent hours helping clients decide what they need and how to organize it. As with any medical diagnosis, alot of things are trial and error. Through your search to find the best treatment for your child, alot of different therapies,tests, and medicines with be explored in your journey. 

I have noticed that most of my clients have a team of doctors and therapists that they are utilizing for treatments. There is also the child’s teacher and possibly an aide or “one on one.”

Lets talk organizing. First of all your system should be portable in nature. Time and time again I have seen my clients carry around bags full of paper to doctors appts. These three solutions seem to work:

*  Binders

*  Portable File Box

* Accordian File

Here are some of the items that you need to keep on hand for doctors and teachers:

* IEP notes

* Doctor notes

* Labs

* List of medications or suppliments that are being taken

* Information on types of therapy

* Medical history

Since most parents are using several therapists and care providers, its essential to keep good records. Its also important to have them in an organized manner. The better picture you can paint of  your child’s needs, the better care they will recieve.

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