Bookcases; For More Than Just Books

In my last apartment, I didn’t have a linen closet. Thanks to a bonus at work, I had a set of wonderful towels. What to do and where to store them? I had a little corner outside that bathroom that was perfect for a cabinet or a bookcase. I chose a bookcase. I folded the towels up really nice and added a few baskets for toiletries. And for $100 you too can have a makeshift linen closet.

Bookcases aren’t just for books anymore. I have organized homes in which we use the shelves to store things from toys to toiltries. One bedroom that I recently organized, we used the leaning bookcases from Crate and Barrel for shoe storage.

If you have the wall space, and are comfortable with open storage, try a bookcase. By adding a few baskets,  and a  little organization, you can create a beautiful space. The two downsides of the open storage are that 1. it can get dusty and 2. you need to keep it looking nice(since its visible).

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