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First Comes Love,Then Marriage: City Life in a Two Bedroom Condo That Won't Fit Your Baby Carriage!

City life. How we love it. For alot of city couples life starts out in a two bedroom condo. For awhile, it seems cozy. Then comes the bambino!  You suddenly find your once quaint condo filled up with baby gear!!  Gone is the extra bedroom/office. The living room now doubles as a playroom, and your kitchen is... Read more »

Where Does Spring Cleaning Come From; Why Are We All Obsessed With It

I am one tired chickie. It’s spring cleaning/organizing season. I think my next day off is Easter unless someone decides that they have an organizing emergency(it happened last year). So where did this term come from and why do we all feel the need to follow it like junior high gals following the latest trend??... Read more »

Bookcases; For More Than Just Books

In my last apartment, I didn’t have a linen closet. Thanks to a bonus at work, I had a set of wonderful towels. What to do and where to store them? I had a little corner outside that bathroom that was perfect for a cabinet or a bookcase. I chose a bookcase. I folded the towels... Read more »

Child On The Spectrum; Paper Management Is A Must

In a world trying to go paperless, there are just some areas where paper is a must. When you have a child on the spectrum, as Jenny McCarthy states you have to become a “MOM WARRIOR.” From the time your child is diagnosed, and enters early intervention, the paper starts to accumulate. I have spent... Read more »

Organized and Pretty; More Appealing, Kept Up

When I moved into my condo a little over a year ago, I was pretty darn anal about picking out the perfect storage solutions. I wanted my place to not only be organized but to be visually appealing. As Amanda from the Tv Show The Amandas stated “When its appealing it will make you want... Read more »

Professional Organizer Or Interior Decorator; Who Do You Really Need!!

I was working with a client today and she stated that she should have hired a decorator. In hindsight, I am going to agree with her. She was looking to create more space in her condo. All of the closets where maxed out. We only found two boxes that could be moved to storage to create... Read more »

Baggin Your Clutter; Bad, Bad, Bad!!

Quite often when I start working on a project I find what I like to call bags of “mishmash!” Yup, those are the bags of a little of this and a little of that. One day you get tired of the piles and you bag them up. Then they are taken to a corner and... Read more »

Smartbox; Portable Storage that is Pretty Darn Smart

As an organizer, I generally don’t promote storage. In the past several years I have worked with a portable storage company Smartbox on several occassions to provide solutions for my clients. Smartbox’s are portable storage pods that can be loaded up and either stored or sent to a new location. Here are a few ways... Read more »

Shameful But True; I Was More Organized Before I Became an Organizer

Yes its true, I was more organized before I became a professional organizer. I can’t lie. I had everything in my life down to a controlled science. I had a grocery day, errand day, and even a car wash time. Call me a freak if you want! Then I started my business. At first it... Read more »

Its Not Disorganization; Its Years of Build Up

Most people think that they are disorganized because they have alot of stuff. NOT TRUE!! Sometimes it comes from living in one place for a long time and not purging on a regular basis. I come across these types of projects all the time. One day you just wake up and want to simplify! Don’t... Read more »