Unpacking Made Easy; It's All About Labeling

In the last week, I have packed and unpacked a house for a client. This was a job that came up at the last minute so we didn’t have time to do a proper “purge” before the move.

In packing, just like organizing, you put like with like. You may end up with a couple of boxes that contain mish mash but try to keep it to a minimum. Make sure that you label all the boxes clearly and in large letters. In many cases boxes are reused from move to move. Scratch out the old label so there is no confusion.

When I arrived at the unpack yesterday, all the boxes where placed in the appropriate location. All I had to do was start unpacking and organizing. The best way to begin is to focus on one area at a time.

Usually people want to set up their kitchen first. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Its not just for breakfast anymore!! Next up is always the bedrooms. Focus on the things you utilize the most.

The last step should be unpacking your decor items. Stage them in one area. Go room to room and decide where you want to utilize or hang them.

In the job yesterday, we were contracted for just 8 hours. Obviously we didn’t get the whole home unpacked. We were able to set up the kitchen and the bar area. With the time left over, we did what is termed as a “surface” unpack. In a surface unpack, you basically get things out of the boxes and put them in piles. Two additional rooms were able to be unpacked.

Packing and unpacking is never a fun task, but you can save yourself some time. Its all about the labeling and placement of the boxes!

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