Technical Clutter: Cord and More Cords

With all the continuing technical advancements, people are constantly upgrading their gadgets. Everyone that is except this chick( I think my digital camera is 8 years old). This means cords and more cords.

I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down with a client to do what I term as the cord “intervention”. Yes it needs to be done. Years of cords thrown in a box or bin. None of them are matched to their owner!

What do I say, keep it simple. As with everything in organizing, put like with like!

* When you purchase a new electronical device, label all cords with label maker.

* Use one box or bin to store all your accessories. To further categorize them, put the cords in a zip lock bag

* When you get rid of an older technical piece, donate the cords with it

* Its okay to keep a few universal cords

* Don’t keep things in their boxes, it takes up too much space

So there you have it. One bin or box should encompass your supplies!

Keep it simple and labeled!!!

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