Signs to Watch for That your Child Will Grow up to be an Organizer

I got a good laugh last week. One of the other bloggers posted that her daughter was a hoarder. As I read the post I had to chuckle! No, she was describing my childhood behaviors. Don’t worry Mom, your little lady will be an organizer not a hoarder.

So you ask what are the signs that your precious munchkin has this talent, curse, or obsession?

1. Child likes to pack, unpack, and recontainerize things

2. Child enjoys moving furniture and things around in their room

3. Thinks that the parents aren’t organized(I told my mom this several times)

4. Demanded that Mom planned out the meals (age 7)

5. Constantly organized and reorganized my clothing closet (age 10)

6. L0ved to sweep out and clean the garage

7. Had a sign on my door for the rules of the room

And the list could go on! Yes, I have always been this way. If I was bored I would simply organize something. After starting my business almost eight years ago, that obsession stopped. When I moved into my home last year, I set it up and just maintain it! I organize for a living now, not a hobbie. I still have that passion that I had as a child. I like making the world a less cluttered place!


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