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Three Days of Insurance Claims; One Crazed Organizer

This has not been the best week. A noise woke me up Wednesday morning around 3:30 am. I wasn’t too worried about a burgular since I live next to the police station. Low and behold, I discovered that there was a rain storm going on inside my walls of my bathroom. I immediately ran upstairs... Read more »

Mom-Ventory; Do You Have Yours Under Control

Last week, I had several jobs helping clients organize their “Mom-Ventories.” What is a mom-ventory you ask; a word that I made up. In the Kelly dictionary it means–An inventory that a Mom has to keep her family going. This inventory encompasses everything from clothes to pass down, food, or even party supplies.  Depending on... Read more »

Back To The Drawing Board: Online Dating Here I Come

I am in a place that I never thought I would be again. If you have read a few of my past blogs you will note that my hubby to be went to the big house in the sky last year. So instead of relishing in the newness of honeymoon life, I am back to... Read more »

Hoarding Scale; Levels Four and Five

In my last several blogs, I have discussed the first three levels on the hoarding scale which is published by the Institute of Challenging Disorganization. Today I am going to outline the level four and five of the scale. Level Four…This level is described as  high Structure and Zoning– excessive clutter of items outdoors and... Read more »

Level Three on The Hoarding Scale; Elevated

Level one on the hoarding scale is described as low. Level two on the hoarding scale is described as guarded. Level three is when the home is in a more serious state. * Structure– You will see various items outside and around the house. The home will generally have some type of structural damage. *Animals... Read more »

Level Two on The Hoarding Scale; Blue

As a follow up to yesterdays post, here is the skinny on level two of the hoarding scale. Level two is described as the guarded level. * Structure–One major exit in the home is blocked and one major appliance such as the HVAC isn’t working. * Animals and Pests–Evidence of pet waste or odor. Also... Read more »