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Unpacking Made Easy; It's All About Labeling

In the last week, I have packed and unpacked a house for a client. This was a job that came up at the last minute so we didn’t have time to do a proper “purge” before the move. In packing, just like organizing, you put like with like. You may end up with a couple... Read more »

How Poor Time Management Can Waste An Organized Persons Time

So yesterday was my day off. Aside from scheduling appointments for the next week and grocery shopping, I planned on having a little me time! Wrong! Instead I was up bright and early on the phone. All in all, I wasted three hours of time due to other peoples snafus! First off was an hour... Read more »

A I M; Accept, Identify, and Manage your ADD

ADD/ADHD runs in my family. As a child, I was the one that cleaned up everyones rooms-imagine that one! As an adult who feels lucky to have dodged some challenging family genetics, I help others with ADD/ADHD simplify and create systems in their lives. In one of the many ADD books I have read, one... Read more »

Signs to Watch for That your Child Will Grow up to be an Organizer

I got a good laugh last week. One of the other bloggers posted that her daughter was a hoarder. As I read the post I had to chuckle! No, she was describing my childhood behaviors. Don’t worry Mom, your little lady will be an organizer not a hoarder. So you ask what are the signs... Read more »

Invisible Clutter; Its in Closets, Drawers and Under the Bed

Yesterday I was hired to organize a home. I walked in to find a perfectly organized and clean house. In cases like this, we call it “invisible clutter”. The clutter isn’t visible at first glance. When you start looking inside closets, drawers, will find it! Most people don’t feel they have a clutter issue... Read more »

Does Saving Really Help you Save???

To save or not to save; that is the question. I ponder this quite a bit with my clients. We all like to save money and time but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way! * Do you have adequate space to store your “saving stuff” ? * Do you know what you have? *... Read more »

From Treasure to Trash; The Ruins of The Hoard

Heart breaking but true, part of my job is to tell people what they perceive as treasure is trash. It always starts with the story of where and when they bought it. Then comes my line…. * There is no market for it * Its not sellable * Its in a state of ruin Things... Read more »

Technical Clutter: Cord and More Cords

With all the continuing technical advancements, people are constantly upgrading their gadgets. Everyone that is except this chick( I think my digital camera is 8 years old). This means cords and more cords. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down with a client to do what I term as the cord... Read more »

Beauty Clutter; Organizing the Essentials

I came home from a Style Chicago event giddy as a five year old. Yes I am a goody bag whore! I confess to the nth degree. I love samples and all sorts of beauty stuff. On the other hand, I am also realistic that there are things in the bag I don’t need and won’t use. I dumped... Read more »

Don't Haul Your Crap Across The Map; The Premove Purge Is Essential

We live in a dynamic society. People are always on the move! You never know when your number will come up. That perfect job could be waiting for you..even if it is out of the state or country. If you didn’t use or love it before, chances are you won’t need it in your new... Read more »