Invisible Clutter; Its in Closets, Drawers and Under the Bed

Yesterday I was hired to organize a home. I walked in to find a perfectly organized and clean house. In cases like this, we call it “invisible clutter”. The clutter isn’t visible at first glance. When you start looking inside closets, drawers, will find it!

Most people don’t feel they have a clutter issue when their clutter is hidden. To a visitor, their home looks clean and organized. One of the biggest problems with overcluttered closets or drawers is that you are unable to see what you have in them. When you can’t see items, this can cause duplicate purchases.

Time and time again, I have clients that buy items in duplicate because they forget what they have in their closets. If you can’t see it, its OSOM- out of sight out of mind. One of my clients bought a pair of shoes three times because she kept forgetting she had them. One shoe rack later, she was able to view her shoes.

So open those closet doors or  your drawers and clear out the clutter. You will be amazed at how many things you have randomly stashed because you didn’t know what to do with it. Keep it simple. Put like with like. Don’t over crowd  your space to where you can’t see your belongings.

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