How Poor Time Management Can Waste An Organized Persons Time

So yesterday was my day off. Aside from scheduling appointments for the next week and grocery shopping, I planned on having a little me time! Wrong! Instead I was up bright and early on the phone.

All in all, I wasted three hours of time due to other peoples snafus! First off was an hour phone call with the insurance company that represents my neighbor that ruined my bathroom. His dishonestly cost me an hour this morning. Still no resolution to my claim! 

Next up trying to schedule two new potential new clients. Let the phone tag begin!!  And lets not forget squaring away supplies for a job tomorrow. I thought that was already done. 

No matter how you organize your time, you can’t control other people and their invasion of it. Here are a few of those people that I have idenified:

1. The Phone Tagger–Even if you call them back two minutes later, they wont answer! Is it the thrill of the hunt for them?

2. The Email Warrior–Its hard to convey alot of things over email. Sometimes it takes people 10-20 emails to get one thing done.

3. The Texter–They feel texting is okay 24/7. Alot of the time they dont sign their name!

So moral of the story, even though I would have preferred to spend my time off doing other things, I had the time to handle the things that came my way. You can control your time but not how others choose to spend theirs!

What out for those time robbers and bandits! They are everywhere!!



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  • It’s tough when the day starts to go awry and you’ve barely looked at your to do list. One thing that may be helpful the next time you have a day off is to start the day with “me” time. This would mean that you put a limit on your time so that you can get the other things off of your list. By shortening the window of time for scheduling two new potential clients, you may (nothing is certain) have saved some telephone/email tag. And even though resolving your insurance issue was important, waiting until a little later in the day probably would not have made that much of a difference. The only difference—being able to have some time for yourself!

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