Don't Haul Your Crap Across The Map; The Premove Purge Is Essential

We live in a dynamic society. People are always on the move! You never know when your number will come up. That perfect job could be waiting for you..even if it is out of the state or country.

If you didn’t use or love it before, chances are you won’t need it in your new place.  So don’t haul it across the map..PURGE IT!!

Last year I helped my Aunt downsize from 7000 square feet to 1800 square feet. We did a mass purge in two days! It was crazy but we got it done.

Start your purge in one room.  You will need to have a bag for donations and a bag for trash. Shopping bags are also a great way to transport books. Small boxes can be uses for knick knacks or books as well.

Begin your purge in one area of the room and work you way around. Every drawer, cabinet, and closet needs to be attacked. Y0u will be amazed at how quick the process goes. If you have alot of stuff, you may need to do a couple of rounds of purging. Take your time and make wise decisions.

When you get to the kitchen, be sure to have packing paper or newspaper to wrap up breakables. I also stock up on banana boxes from the grocery store to transport these items.

Before you start the process, schedule a donation pick up. If you are unable to schedule one, make sure you are able to get the stuff out of your home.

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