Does Saving Really Help you Save???

To save or not to save; that is the question. I ponder this quite a bit with my clients. We all like to save money and time but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way!

* Do you have adequate space to store your “saving stuff” ?

* Do you know what you have?

* Do you think they kids will really want what you are saving?

When helping clients go through their “arsonals” of saving, its amazing what is useful and not useful. I try to have them realistically about what they can and will use in the future.

If you have a hobbie that you no longer participate in, it might be time for a purge. I worked with a couple last year that in their younger years were avid skiers. Deciding that this was a hobby of the past, they were able to donate all their equipment and jackets.

Decor is another large area of saving. Tastes and styles change throughout the years. If you redecorate, consider donating or sell some of your decor rather then putting it away. And lets not forget picture frames. Everyone has a stash of them. If they are not your style or taste, let them go!

Food and beverages also round out the storage area. It breaks my heart when I have to throw away food. There are times when I have tossed 3 to 5 large bags of expired food. Think before you buy it in bulk. What does your family really use on a regular basis? Buy less of those things that expire soon. Also keep like with like so you know what you have in storage.

So unless your storage area has a system or organization, it will probably end up costing you money!


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