Beauty Clutter; Organizing the Essentials

I came home from a Style Chicago event giddy as a five year old. Yes I am a goody bag whore! I confess to the nth degree. I love samples and all sorts of beauty stuff.

On the other hand, I am also realistic that there are things in the bag I don’t need and won’t use. I dumped out the bag on my kitchen table, like a child going through their halloween candy. I immediately put anything I didn’t want back in the bag for a friend.

Every since I was a child and went make up shopping with my mom, I have been hooked. I love to get my “girly” on.  Growing up in Texas, I started young with the beauty and face stuff! As time goes on, we all realize what products work best for our needs. Even though we have our favorites, we have a hard time being monogamous with our beauty products.

When I organize bathrooms, I find so much waste. A couple of reasons this happens is :

* Collecting products/samples

* Saving products for travel ect

* Not having organized systems and duplicate buying

As with all my other organizing projects, I believe in putting like with like. You should group your products together so you know what you have. I also utilize the space in my shower to keep all my shampoos and body washes. By having my products in front of me, they get used not wasted!

One of my favorite solutions are small stackable open top bins. You can purchase these at the container store, target or bed bath and beyond. Categorize your items and label your containers.

So don’t waste the pretty!!

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