A I M; Accept, Identify, and Manage your ADD

ADD/ADHD runs in my family. As a child, I was the one that cleaned up everyones rooms-imagine that one! As an adult who feels lucky to have dodged some challenging family genetics, I help others with ADD/ADHD simplify and create systems in their lives.

In one of the many ADD books I have read, one thing that stood out to  me was the AIM principle. I try to help my clients utilize this in their lives as well.

ACCEPT–Accept the fact that you have ADD and face some challenges in your professional and personal life.

IDENTIFY–This is the most important one! How does ADD affect your life? Is it time management? Organization skills? Where are you falling short in your daily routine? Missed deadlines. Forgotten meetings?

MANAGE–Once you know where and with what you are struggling, how are you going to tackle these challenges? Is hiring an organizer the answer? Therapy? An ADD coach? Medication?

Understanding Add and how it affects your life is essential. I see many people that don’t educate themselves on their condition. If not identified and managed, this condition can create alot of disharmony in your life! Take Control!

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