Yes Virginia, There is a Hoarding Scale

You heard it right. There is an official hoarding scale. This fine tool is printed and updated every year by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. According to the ICD, this scale was created to assess a home’s interior. There are five different levels.

For the next five blogs,  I will write about the different hoarding levels. The five categories assessed are:

* structure and zoning

* animals and pests

* household functions

* health and safety

* personal protective equipment

Level One is called the “Green” Level. Is a low or beginning level of hoarding.

* In the home, all the doors and windows are accessible and the home is fully functional.

* The number of animals is in compliance with the zoning rules adn there are no sanitation issues.

* There is no excessive clutter and all the rooms can be utilized for intended purposes. All the appliances are fully functional.

This particular home is very functional. Even though there is no excessive clutter, there are probably piles in every room. This is the very beginning of hoarding.



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