Wrapping Paper; To Use or Abuse

I will never understand the fascination with wrapping paper. Years ago I had a client that sold wrapping paper. She gave me quite a bit of it. I think it lasted about 5 years. My mom teased me every year at Christmas about that green paper with the candy canes. I used it till I ran out. I had no desire to go shopping for wrapping paper.

In my organizing travels, I always find multitudes of wrapping paper. It has the rabbit effect and seems to multiply. Often the paper is bent and worn out. Sometimes its forgotten and left for new paper.

If you are one of those people that loves getting new wrapping paper each year, donate your old stuff. I am sure there are plenty of charities and kids schools that would be happy to take it off your hands.

If you want to keep it and reuse it, then store it properly. There are flat plastic bins or stand up bins especially made for wrapping paper. Also get a separate bin for your gift bags(I know you have them!!) and tissue. Bows and tags should also have their own storage container.

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