When Jeans and T-Shirts Replace the Pretty

I organize alot of kids closets. I love little girls clothes. The ruffles, the lace, the colors. Yes at age 40 I am a still a pink gal. I love it and wear it proudly. I was beyond excited when it started coming back in for adults about three years ago. I embrace the fuchsia! Probably a little too much!!

I am seeing more of a trend with little girls closets and clothes. Around the age of eight, there is a big shift. The pretty and the pink are going bye bye! In comes the jeans, sweat shirts, and t shirts. Say it ain’t so!! It breaks my heart. In my mind, a girl should be a girl(maybe its my southern upbringing).

I worked with a high school gal last week. We worked with her mom and weeded out her closet. She was more than happy to get rid of her dresses. I had to wear that at Bar Mitzvahs she told me. Her wardrobe now consisted more unisex items. We even found some of her brothers clothes mixed in her closet.

Call me old fashioned, but I still love my dresses. I guess that is why I sometimes turn on the crazy housewives shows. I love to see lady look like alady(yes, some of them are a little over the top).

I have a whole gander of dresses that you will see me wearing in the summer with sandals and in the winter with boots! Yes, I am probably overdressed most of the time; but it makes me happy!!

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