To Scan or Not to Scan; That is the Question

Everyone wants to go paperless. I have been getting alot of questions about scanning. I even did some research on different scanners. They can range from $380 to $79 depending on how many bells and whistles you want. There are also companies that will take your paper and scan it for you.

My opinion on scanning? First of all I think you should purge your paper. Once you see what you have left, then make a decision. If its something you need to access on a regular basis or a multi page document, I would think twice about scanning it. Also, you have to remember what you named it for location purposes.

I have seen quite a few cases in which scanning works wonderfully. I have clients that have limited their paper and know how to find what they need. I also have clients that have scanned things for archival purposes as well, such as taxes.

On the flip side, I have seen clients scan all their paper and become extremely frustrated when they can’t find it. They complain that they spend more time trying to locate it then they would if it were in the paper form.

If you feel comfortable that you will remember what you scanned and can find it with word locators…go for it.

If your mind is unorganized and it will take you longer to find…don’t do it!!


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