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A 49 Cent Piece of Plastic That Can Change Your Life!

I admit, I stole this idea from my grandma. My mom and I have always loved our bling. As a child, a new outfit meant a new pair of earrings. Yes we grew up southern and proud. We had every shape and color. As an adult, I have streamlined my accessories quite a bit. I... Read more »

Gift Areas; The Art of Regifting

Busted!! We all do it! Yes I am talking about regifting. The tribune had an article last week on gift closets. They asked several different celebrities if they regifted or had gift closets. Just last year someone regifted me a sushi set. It was very comical since everyone knows that I don’t eat fish. I think... Read more »

Multi Level Homes, Learning To Love Your Levels!

Last year I bought a condo. I love it. Its on one floor. Everything I need is within a 1100 square feet, except my wine which resides in a closet in the basement. I have no problem making the trip for a good bottle of red. Most of us aren’t that lucky. In Chicago we... Read more »

Clear As Soon As You Clutter

Its happens to the best of us. We all make messes. Myself included(a mess to me is one thing out of place though). Instead of letting those piles begin…clear as soon as you clutter! Some individuals have alot of trouble visually breaking down piles. especially those with ADD. They see the pile, not the different... Read more »

Your Hangers Are Fat!

A few years ago, the craze was wooden hangers. Everyone was running out to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a box or two or three! They look so great in the closet ads don’t they? Lets be realistic though. How many of us just have the five dresses that they show in the ads?... Read more »

The Boxes From Grandmas House

A few months ago, my mom and aunt cleaned out my grandmother’s house. I only asked for one thing, her recipes. A cook myself, a remember all the good times and dinners at her home. I arrived home yesterday to find several boxes outside my door. I thought my Aunt was joking when she said... Read more »

Get Organized Month (GO MONTH)

For the last 12 years, the National Association of Professional Organizers has proclaimed January to be “Get Organized Month!” This national event brings awareness to the benefits of being organized and how a professional organizer can help you reach your goals. Here are some ways a professional organizer can help you get organized!! 1. Organize... Read more »

Keep the Switch Simple: Organize Your Purses

A good purse can really accessorize an outfit. We all love that fully together look. Purses along with shoes, are a must have for any fashion diva.  The downside is that they are also a carrier of lost items and a cause of disorganization for people. Don’t re-create the wheel everytime you switch purses. Keep... Read more »