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Yes Virginia, There is a Hoarding Scale

You heard it right. There is an official hoarding scale. This fine tool is printed and updated every year by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. According to the ICD, this scale was created to assess a home’s interior. There are five different levels. For the next five blogs,  I will write about the different hoarding... Read more »

When Jeans and T-Shirts Replace the Pretty

I organize alot of kids closets. I love little girls clothes. The ruffles, the lace, the colors. Yes at age 40 I am a still a pink gal. I love it and wear it proudly. I was beyond excited when it started coming back in for adults about three years ago. I embrace the fuchsia!... Read more »

To Scan or Not to Scan; That is the Question

Everyone wants to go paperless. I have been getting alot of questions about scanning. I even did some research on different scanners. They can range from $380 to $79 depending on how many bells and whistles you want. There are also companies that will take your paper and scan it for you. My opinion on... Read more »

Getting Through an Estate; Emotionally and Mentally

Lately I have worked on several estates. The last one the sisters lost their parents within seven months of each other. When they called, they said that just needed a “jumpstart.” Its hard enough to be in the grief process, and then have the added responsibility of clearing out a home. No matter how you... Read more »

Are You Chronically Disorganized; Check Out This Questionnaire

The Institute of Challenging Disorganization has released this questionnaire to help determine if you are chronically disorganized. This questionnaire was put together by Diane Hatcher and published in 2010 by the ICD. Do you think you are chronically disorganized? Check out this questionnaire below. If you answer yes to the first three questions, you could... Read more »

Do You Need a "To File" Pile...Hell No!

If I only had a nickle for everytime someone asked me if they needed a “to file” pile. My answer is HELL NO! Having a to file pile just adds an extra step to your process. Many times we add extra steps in our lives. These extra steps are considered “time robbers”. You would be... Read more »

Coat Racks Aren't Pretty: Put Those Coats Away

Growing up, we had a  brass coat rack. It was so ugly that I couldn’t bear to hang my coats on it. I always put them in the closet. Now, it sits in a corner and my Dad has filled it up! The trend seems to be hanging coats on hooks or racks. I am seeing more... Read more »

Organizing Fail; It Happens

Every morning I get up and caffinate myself. I start the day off with a smile and a burst of energy. I am ready to take on any new project. On the ride over to my project, I toss ideas around. Being in this business for 8 years, I feel like I have a wealth of... Read more »

We All Have Shields; An Organizer Gets Personal

Are you using clutter as a shield? Day in and day out I hear how clutter affects people’s lives. I have clients who don’t date because their place isn’t presentable. I have clients who don’t have the time to exercise because they are spending so much time trying to manage their space.  Alot of people... Read more »

Wrapping Paper; To Use or Abuse

I will never understand the fascination with wrapping paper. Years ago I had a client that sold wrapping paper. She gave me quite a bit of it. I think it lasted about 5 years. My mom teased me every year at Christmas about that green paper with the candy canes. I used it till I... Read more »