Organizing Fail; It Happens

Every morning I get up and caffinate myself. I start the day off with a smile and a burst of energy. I am ready to take on any new project. On the ride over to my project, I toss ideas around. Being in this business for 8 years, I feel like I have a wealth of knowledge.

I liken myself to Dennis Quaid in the movie the Rookie. In one of the scenes he looks at his teammate and says “Today we get to play ball.” You can see and feel his passion. Organizing is mine.

Somedays like yesterday, I am greeted with a smile and equal energy. My client could not believe all we got done. She was thrilled with my energy and ideas. She was so excited that we put like with like; and her basement was easy to manuever around.

Today, I felt like I hit a brick wall. I was greeted with ..”I am running late have a seat.”  We started on the project…creating more room in a kids room. Immediately I started rolling with the ideas. According to the client…nothing would work. Sometimes there is no extra space. You have to get creative and utilize other areas of the house for different functions. We decided to do a walk through the home. Again, I was full of wonderful ideas. All  my ideas were shot down.

In the end, I walked out the door with my tail between my legs. I just could do no right this morning.

Sometimes people just aren’t ready to make changes. Its not like a carry a whip and demand things are done! I simply suggest ways to make your life and home better.  My job is to help guide you into a better and more functional space. I brainstorm with my clients to help then on their way to clutter free living.

These painful sessions happen occassionally. I still take it personal. I am quite the people pleaser! I have learned that it usually has nothing to do with me.

* The client might be overwhelmed

* Emotionally they might not be ready to change

* They might have other things on their mind

So I shake it off. Heading out to another project. Hoping to make some more happy clients!!

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