Do You Need a "To File" Pile...Hell No!

If I only had a nickle for everytime someone asked me if they needed a “to file” pile. My answer is HELL NO! Having a to file pile just adds an extra step to your process.

Many times we add extra steps in our lives. These extra steps are considered “time robbers”. You would be amazed at how much time we waste due to the extra steps we take.

Instead of having a to file box,  just file it! Opening your drawers and drop it in. There should never be piles of paper on your desk. Every piece of paper you have should go into a file or an action item file.

Action item files are things you are currently working on. Some people keep them on their desk in a vertical stacker, others locate them in front of their files. You should choose such verbage as to do, pending,  or to read. Be mindful to pick your verbage as to what triggers your mind.



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