Coat Racks Aren't Pretty: Put Those Coats Away

Growing up, we had a  brass coat rack. It was so ugly that I couldn’t bear to hang my coats on it. I always put them in the closet. Now, it sits in a corner and my Dad has filled it up!

The trend seems to be hanging coats on hooks or racks. I am seeing more and more of them in homes.   I have even seen funky shaped hooks!  My opinion…pure d tacky! I understand that its quicker to toss a coat on a hook or rack, but the view is unsightly.

Many times these hooks or racks become enablers. Yesterday I cleaned one off and we found 4 dog leashes on it. They get piled and piled until they either pull out of the wall or topple.

A coat closet isn’t just for guest coats. Its for you!

* Get thin huggable hanger to create more space

* Go through your coats and donate what you don’t wear

* Get some baskets or canvas totes for mittens, scarves and hats

* If your doors allow, use a see through over the door shoe rack for grab and go items like sunglasses, suntan lotion, ect..

* Keep only your winter boots on the floor

This is one easy way to clear a clutter spot!!

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